Urgent.. UAE Police announces a new fine of 400 dirhams on drivers

UAE Police announces a new fine of 400 dirhams on drivers, On Sunday, the Abu Dhabi Police Department issued a reminder and caution to drivers, urging them to adhere to traffic rules in order to keep everyone safe while they were driving.

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The authority has specifically asked drivers to prevent accidents by not disturbing other vehicles on highways by following them too closely, using their horns needlessly, or using high beams, all of which can cause other drivers to lose focus, which can lead to accidents.

Fine for not adhering to the rules

When travelling at modest speeds, drivers are required to stay in the right lane of the road in order to keep everyone on the road safe. The police have warned that failing to move over for vehicles that have the right of way or that are approaching from the left overtaking lane can result in a fine of Dh400.

Provide drivers with sufficient distance between their vehicles

According to the government, one of the most prevalent reasons that accidents occur on the road is because drivers do not provide enough distance between their vehicles. If you commit this infraction in Abu Dhabi, the police may seize and impound your vehicle. After your vehicle has been detained, a charge of Dh5,000 will be required to release it. After keeping the vehicle in storage until the fee is paid, which must be done so within the first three months, the vehicle will then be put up for public auction. This infraction comes with a fine of Dh400 and four points deducted from the driver's licence.

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