UAE petrol, diesel prices to change for September 2023

The UAE's fuel price committee will meet the following week, which will result in new gas rates.

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UAE Petrol Prices

Anticipation surrounds potential shifts in UAE gasoline prices as the fuel price committee is set to convene for its upcoming meeting. Fuel prices in the UAE are closely tied to global trends, and the current data suggests a possible decrease in rates.

Global Price Trends Influence UAE Petrol Rates

The trajectory of Brent futures reveals a decline from approximately $85 per barrel to around $84 by the close of August. Simultaneously, US West Texas Intermediate (WTI) prices have also retreated, dropping from about $82 per barrel to $79.

August's price adjustments

August saw a rise in petrol prices, with Super 98 petrol increasing to Dhs 3.14, Special 95 petrol to Dhs 3.02, E-Plus 91 petrol to Dhs 2.95, and diesel to Dhs 2.95. However, this followed a period of fluctuation in the preceding months.

Price Variations in 2023

Over the course of 2023, UAE gasoline prices experienced considerable fluctuations.

  • In January, Super 98 petrol was priced at Dhs2.78, while Special 95 petrol cost Dhs2.67, E-Plus 91 petrol stood at Dhs2.59, and diesel at Dhs3.29.
  • Fast-forward to May, and Super 98 petrol saw a price of Dhs 3.16; Special 95 petrol was at Dhs 3.05; E-Plus 91 petrol at Dhs 2.97; and diesel at Dhs 2.91.
  • By August, Super 98 petrol had reached Dhs 3.14, Special 95 petrol Dhs 3.02, E-Plus 91 petrol Dhs 2.95, and diesel Dhs 2.95.

A Continuous Cycle of Price Monitoring

With petrol prices subject to ongoing evaluation, the UAE fuel price committee's deliberations offer an insight into how global market dynamics impact local fuel costs. Motorists in the UAE are encouraged to stay informed about these changes, which can impact their day-to-day expenses.

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