UAE-Pakistan Flights offers passengers 10kg extra baggage allowance

An additional 10kg of luggage allowance is now available to travelers flying from the UAE to Pakistan on Serene Air, a well-known airline in Pakistan.

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Serene Air Offers Extra Luggage Allowance

This offer is available until the end of the following month, providing travelers with the opportunity to carry more baggage during their journey.

Announcement on the Microblogging Platform

The airline communicated this exciting offer through its official announcement on microblogging platform X (formerly known as Twitter). Passengers in Economy Class will benefit from an increased allowance of 50kg (40kg plus an additional 10kg), while those falling under the Free Baggage category will enjoy a total of 30kg (20kg plus 10kg). Moreover, passengers purchasing the Nil Baggage ticket option will be granted an extra 10kg of luggage allowance. This initiative is applicable exclusively to flights from the UAE to Pakistan and will be in effect until September 30.

Relevance of the UAE-Pakistan Route

The UAE maintains a sizeable Pakistani expatriate community of 1.7 million people, making it the second-largest expat population in the Gulf country and making the UAE-Pakistan air corridor one of the busiest travel routes.

However, Pakistan also serves as a significant source market for regional airlines, as evidenced by the fact that it was among the top five inbound traffic routes during Emirates Airlines summer operations in 2023.

Special Flight Offer

In a bid to accommodate the surge of UAE residents returning from their summer vacations before schools reopen in September, Serene Air is also introducing a special flight on August 30. This exclusive flight, operating between Islamabad and Dubai, will provide passengers in Economy Class with a generous 60kg luggage allowance, while those in the Serene Plus class will enjoy an even higher allowance of 80kg.

Demand and high airfares

The demand for air travel from Pakistan to the UAE is notably high during this period due to the influx of individuals returning from their summer holidays. This elevated demand has resulted in higher airfares as people rush to secure flights back to the UAE, making Serene Air's promotion a welcomed opportunity for travelers to manage their luggage needs more effectively.

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