UAE Ministry Releases 2 Guidebooks to Address Fake Emiratisation and Penalties

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) is intensifying its efforts to promote Emiratisation and the Nafis program, which supports Emirati professionals in the private sector.

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MoHRE Promotes Emiratisation and the Nafis Program

To increase public knowledge of these programs, MoHRE has now released two manuals that can be accessed via the organization's website and the Nafis electronic platform.

Wedad Al Shamlan, the director of the MoHRE Professional Guidance Department, emphasized the importance of educating Emiratis about the benefits provided by Nafis, which include financial support and training programs.

Nafis, Emiratization programs, the value of Emiratis in the private sector, and the contribution they make to the UAE's economic and sustainable development are all topics covered in these handbooks.

MoHRE is committed to implementing the UAE government's emancipation strategy in the private sector, recognizing its vital role and contribution to the national economy.

Emiratisation Boosting Competitiveness

The Emiratization of UAE nationals is crucial to their success in the private sector. To encourage private sector hiring of young and experienced Emiratis, the Nafis program provides a number of financial incentives.

The 11 subjects covered in MoHRE's awareness guidebooks are the Wage Protection System (WPS), the Regulation of Employment Relationship Law, the Nafis electronic platform, administrative penalties for fake emigration, the Unemployment Insurance Scheme, and information on social security and pensions.

MoHRE provides career counseling services, call center support, and various communication channels to assist Emiratis in understanding and benefiting from these programs.

Cracking Down on Fake Emiratisation

Since the middle of the previous year, 565 businesses have falsely claimed to have employed 824 UAE citizens in ostensible Emiratization positions. The Ministry prosecuted these businesses and instituted administrative sanctions.

MoHRE emphasized that fake emigration is a clear violation of emigration-related regulations and the Nafis program. Any violations related to emancipation can be reported through MoHRE's call center or the Ministry's smart application.

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