UAE: Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation Determining the duration of work for both parties to the wo

According to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization, the law governing labor relations does not specify a time frame for the working relationship between the two parties because it permits the parties to decide on a time frame that works for them without placing a cap on the total length of the contract.

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Noting that the duration of the contract is independent of the duration of the work permit; that the employer must renew the work permit when it expires by the type of work permit that is eligible for renewal; and that a new work contract needs not to be printed when renewing the work permit if the previous terms have not changed and the work contract has not yet expired.

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The Ministry stated that the country's new labor law and its executive rules specified 12 different categories of work licenses that govern the hiring of locals and foreigners in all firms that are part of the private sector. The contract, unless it is extended, renewed, or at one party's request, provided that the provisions of this Decree-Law regarding termination of the employment contract, the notice period stipulated in the contract, or because of the death of the employer if the subject of the contract is related to his person, or the worker's death or disability, are observed. due to a final judgment against the worker with a penalty restricting his freedom for a minimum of three months, due to the establishment's eventual closure by the country's laws, due to the employer's bankruptcy or insolvency, or due to a permanent total inability to work as demonstrated by a certificate issued by the medical authority. Any economic or extraordinary factors that prohibit the project from moving further, or the fact that the employee does not satisfy the requirements for renewing the work permit for any reason beyond the employer's control.
The Ministry made it clear that terminating a worker's employment without cause or justification is prohibited whether it results from submitting a severe complaint with the Ministry or a genuine claim against the employer. Compensation that takes into account the type of work, the degree of the worker's damage, and the length of his employment, as long as, in each case, the compensation amount does not exceed the worker's wage for three months, calculated using the last wage he was receiving.

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