Urgent.. UAE Meteorology announces a significant change in temperatures during the current month

UAE Meteorology announces a significant change in temperatures during the current month, According to the findings of the National Centre for Meteorology, the month of October is one of the months that are regarded to be a part of the second transitional period that exists between the summer and winter seasons.

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Temperatures begin to fall throughout this time period, which is typically characterised by severe and rapid changes in weather conditions. Temperatures continue to drop significantly throughout this time period, especially during the second half, when compared to September. The winds that are most prevalent during this month are southeasterly at the end of the night and in the morning, but they shift to a northwesterly direction in the afternoon and evening as a result of the impact of either the land or sea breeze cycle.

The centre explained that the relative humidity will typically be high in the early morning during this month, and that it will gradually decrease with the appearance of the sun, then gradually rise again after sunset, reaching an average of approximately 51% during this month, as the chances of fog formation increasing during the midnight and early morning periods during this month.

Low temperatures in the Emirates

In addition, it was stated that the Indian seasonal low would progressively weaken, particularly towards the end of this month, and that the expansion of the Siberian high would start to have an effect on the region at various periods. An extension of surface air depressions stretching from the Red Sea and from the east will also have an impact on the country, as will the fact that these depressions will have an even greater impact if they are accompanied by air depressions in the upper layers of the atmosphere originating from either the east or the west. In some regions, particularly the eastern parts of the country, there is an increase in the amount of cloud cover and the formation of cumulus rain clouds.

Expected temperatures for the coming period

According to climate statistics and historical records, the centre reported that the average temperature falls within the range of 28.8 to 30.4 degrees Celsius, the average maximum temperature falls within the range of 35.2 to 36.9 degrees, and the average minimum temperature falls within the range of 22.5 to 25.2 degrees. Additionally, the centre noted that the highest temperature ever recorded in the area was 57.8 degrees Celsius in the year 1881. The highest temperature ever recorded was in Mzairaa in 2017, when it reached 46.3 degrees, and the lowest temperature ever recorded was in Rukna in 2020, when it hit 6.4 degrees.

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