UAE issues warning of temperatures possibly reaching 50ºC

The National Centre of Meteorology forecasts fair to partly cloudy weather for the day. However, a chance of fog formation and reduced visibility is anticipated in some coastal and internal western areas from 4am to 8:30am on Monday. Red and yellow fog alerts have been issued accordingly.

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Weather Updates, Humid Night and Possible Fog on Tuesday

Light to moderate winds are expected, occasionally picking up and causing blowing dust and sand. Low clouds will emerge over the East coast in the morning, with a potential for rainy convective clouds forming Eastward and Southward by the afternoon.

Temperature Degree:

The mercury is predicted to soar, reaching up to 50ºC in certain areas of the country. Abu Dhabi is likely to experience temperatures of 44ºC while Dubai may reach 43ºC. Conversely, the mercury may drop to as low as 30ºC in Abu Dhabi, 33ºC in Dubai, and 27ºC in mountainous regions.

Humidity and Fog:

Humidity is expected to increase during the night and on Tuesday morning, accompanied by a possibility of fog or mist formation in coastal and internal areas. Humidity levels are projected to range from 20% to 90% in Abu Dhabi and from 25% to 85% in Dubai.

Sea Conditions:

At sea, it is forecast that the Arabian Gulf will see light winds while the Oman Sea will experience mild to moderate winds.

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