UAE issues warning about domestic worker scams on social media

Abu Dhabi Judicial Department outlines methods for recognizing fraudulent online posts and safeguarding against financial losses.

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Abu Dhabi Judicial Department Issues Warning regarding Domestic worker scams

In the UAE, the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department has issued a warning regarding a prevalent scam involving fake online advertisements for domestic workers at unusually low rates.

These deceptive posts often include photos or videos of the advertised maids, enticing potential victims. There are several reasons why individuals may fall prey to these scams, including a lack of awareness regarding the licensing requirements for recruitment agencies advertising such services on social media.

Scammers also exploit periods of high demand for domestic workers, taking advantage of people's urgent need for assistance and offering significantly lower costs compared to legitimate agencies.

The consequences of falling victim to these scams can be severe, resulting in substantial financial losses. Moreover, tracking down and prosecuting the culprits can be challenging. Additionally, the advertised maids might be residing in the country illegally, in violation of residency laws.

Protecting Yourself from Domestic Worker Scams

To safeguard against these scams, the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department regularly issues warnings and advises residents to exercise caution when browsing the internet and interacting with social media posts. Always verify information with official sources.

It is crucial to recruit domestic workers exclusively through licensed recruitment agencies. This ensures that workers are thoroughly vetted, possess the necessary permits, and can be relied upon.

To verify the legitimacy of recruitment agencies, individuals can visit the website of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) or call 600590000 to confirm agencies found on social media platforms. By taking these precautions, residents can protect themselves from falling victim to fraudulent schemes targeting domestic worker recruitment.

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