UAE announces Reduced Speed Limits Due to Dense Fog

On Sunday morning, the UAE National Centre of Meteorology issued a warning to citizens, warning that fog was forming and might severely decrease horizontal vision in several Western locations. The weather service warned that visibility might fall to below 1,000 meters by issuing a red alert.

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UAE residents are advised to exercise caution.

The Abu Dhabi Police Department issued a statement warning drivers to take extra precautions in the fog. To ensure the safety of all drivers, they stressed the need of following the variable speed restrictions posted on electronic information boards.

Fair to partly cloudy

Weather Expected The general weather forecast for the day indicates that conditions will be fair to partly cloudy at times. Clouds are expected to appear in the eastern and southern regions, with the potential for convective cloud formation in the afternoon. As the night progresses into Monday morning, increased humidity levels may lead to the formation of fog or mist in select western areas.

Moderate winds and sea conditions

The wind is expected to be light to moderate throughout the day, occasionally freshening. Sea conditions are predicted to be slight to moderate in the Arabian Gulf, while the Oman Sea is expected to have slight waves.

High Temperatures

The mercury is set to rise, with temperatures reaching as high as 42°C in the country. Specifically, Abu Dhabi is forecast to experience a temperature of 41°C, while Dubai is expected to see a high of 40°C.

Saturday's Record-Breaking Temperature

On Saturday, the country witnessed record-breaking temperatures, with the highest recorded reading reaching 44.8°C in Saih Al Salem (Dubai) at 14:00 UAE local time. This exceptional heat underscores the need for residents to stay informed about weather conditions and take necessary precautions during extreme weather events.

Residents of the UAE are urged to exercise vigilance and follow safety guidelines while navigating foggy conditions, as visibility can drop significantly, posing risks to road safety. Staying informed about the latest weather updates and adhering to advisories is crucial to ensuring the well-being of all residents.

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