‏UAE Interior: An Asian resident contributes to the arrest of a gang that specializes in defrauding citizens and residents

According to a report filed with the Ras Al Khaimah Police Operations Room by an Asian resident, he was the victim of telephone fraud and had 120,000 dirhams stolen from his bank account. This occurred after he provided the card's PIN, CVV, and one-time password, OTP, to a fictitious bank representative. This solved the mystery of... the existence of a gang comprised of seven people who lived in one of the country's emirates and were experts in technology as well as electronic and telephone fraud.

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The expeditious submission of the report facilitated the tracing of the gang members' bank transfer to the victim's funds and their subsequent arrest, in collaboration with the appropriate authorities.

During a press conference yesterday in the meeting room of the Ras Al Khaimah Police General Command building, Brigadier Tariq Mohammed bin Saif, the acting director general of police operations at the police department, provided specifics. He stated that the operations room received a report from an Asian resident who claimed that he had been the victim of phone fraud from an individual. He took his PIN and bank details under the guise of a bank official, took 120,000 dirhams out of his account right away.

"A working team was formed from the elements of the Criminal Investigation Department, trained and qualified to deal with technical crimes efficiently and competently, so that they in turn coordinate and plan practical procedures for tracking down the perpetrators and inferring research and investigation," he continued. "The communication was referred to the relevant police station, and from there to the Criminal Investigation Department." The perpetrators of the act were found within the Emirate of Sharjah, and their whereabouts were established within a few hours. Their bank accounts were shut, their balances were frozen, and their money was taken.

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