UAE: Imprisonment and deportation are the punishment for selling alcoholic beverages and resisting the police

An expatriate who assaults a police officer in Dubai faces a sentence of one year in prison and deportation from the country.

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One year imprisonment and deportation is the penalty for selling alcohol and resisting the police in Dubai

An expatriate who assaulted a police officer in Dubai while the officer was doing his job as part of an inspection campaign against alcohol vendors was sentenced to one year in prison and deportation by a court after the incident. The incident occurred when the officer was conducting the inspection campaign.

Imprisonment and deportation of an African who assaulted a policeman and tried to escape

African guy sentenced to prison and deported after assaulting a police officer and attempting to flee the country, For attacking a police officer while he was caught red-handed selling alcoholic beverages unlawfully, an African was given a one-year prison sentence by the Dubai Criminal Court, and after serving his sentence, he was deported from the UAE. The offense for which he was punished was selling alcoholic beverages illegally.

An illegal alcoholic beverage seller tries to escape and commits another crime in Dubai

In Dubai, a person who sells alcoholic beverages without a license makes an attempt at evasion and commits another offense, The accused kicked a police officer as the officer was conducting an inspection campaign against vendors of alcoholic beverages in the Jebel Ali district in the month of August of the previous year. The accused then attempted to flee from the officer while the officer was pursuing him. As he attempted to flee the scene, one of the officers used force to break his foot, and then another officer was able to apprehend him. He was found to be in possession of 83 bottles of alcoholic beverages at the time of his arrest. According to the testimony of a police witness, the victim, who was the witness's coworker, accompanied him on a security patrol that they were both required to perform by the Department of Defense. Operations included going to a sandy region in Jebel Ali as support patrols, arresting individuals who sell alcoholic beverages, and while they were carrying out their job, the victim arrested the accused, but the accused kicked him and tried to flee before the witness apprehended him, according to the case file. The witness then detained the accused. The victim was transported to the hospital, where it was discovered that he had suffered a broken foot. His treatment lasted for more than 20 days, and according to the forensic report, it left him with a permanent disability estimated at 5%. As a result, the court condemned him and ruled in its previously mentioned ruling.

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