UAE imposes up to Dh2,000 fine and 60 days in jail for off-roading

Exploring the UAE's wilderness is a tempting prospect for residents, eager to escape the indoor confines after a long summer.

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To ensure responsible off-roading and desert camping, officials in the United Arab Emirates, in particular the Ras Al Khaimah Police, are stressing the significance of following safety regulations.

Stringent Penalties for Reckless Driving

Driving recklessly in desert areas comes with severe penalties. Offenders may face a hefty fine of Dh2,000, along with 23 traffic black points and a potential 60 days of imprisonment. These consequences apply to anyone jeopardizing their safety, the safety of others, or posing a threat to public or private facilities through dangerous driving activities in the dunes.

Wilderness is not a venue for recklessness

Authorities stress that wilderness and desert areas are not venues for chaotic or reckless behavior. Designated spaces exist for recreational activities, ensuring public safety and the preservation of the natural landscape. Residents are urged to utilize these specially created zones for recreational pursuits, respecting the peace and harmony of wild landscapes.

Tragic Incidents Lead to Increased Awareness

Recent incidents, such as the tragic off-roading accident in the Al Faya dunes area in Sharjah, have heightened the need for increased awareness and adherence to safety regulations. Authorities aim to prevent such accidents by promoting responsible off-roading practices.

Off-Roading Requires Specific Skills

Off-roading is an adventure sport that demands specific skills. Enthusiasts should be aware of the risks involved and approach off-roading with caution. Safety and experience play a vital role in navigating trails successfully.

Basic Rules and Essential Kits

Basic rules for off-roading include not going alone, planning the route, understanding the vehicle's capabilities, ensuring proper rest, and leaving no trace behind. Off-roaders are advised to carry essential kits, including a first-aid box, recovery equipment, spare tire, air compressor, jumper cables, a basic tool kit, a fire extinguisher, and ample water.

Responsible Off-Roading Culture

Off-roaders are encouraged to adopt a responsible culture, leaving their egos behind and participating in events designed for competitiveness. Emphasis is placed on the need to clean up after desert activities, ensuring a positive impact on the environment.

Safety and Responsibility

The overarching message from authorities is clear: off-roading enthusiasts must prioritize safety, adhere to regulations, and foster a responsible off-roading culture to enjoy the UAE's natural beauty without compromising safety or the environment.

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