UAE Healthcare Sector Offers High-Paying Jobs, Dh30,000 Starting

In the upcoming years, it is anticipated that the wage packages offered for these emerging positions would rise even more.

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Healthcare Industry Job Surge

The healthcare industry is witnessing a surge in job opportunities driven by emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and data science, signaling a shift in required skill sets. Roles that integrate technology with clinical medicine, such as health informatics, telemedicine, data science, and analytics, are becoming highly sought-after.

High-Demand Roles

According to Dr. Amit Singh, Head of Corporate Human Resources at Aster DM Healthcare, These roles are expected to command 25 to 50 percent higher salaries compared to traditional tech or clinical positions, with starting salaries ranging from Dh25,000 to Dh30,000 per month.

Emirati professionals are also in high demand, particularly in nursing. The UAE Government has introduced initiatives like the National Healthcare Programme to encourage Emiratis to pursue healthcare careers, with a goal of employing 10,000 nationals in healthcare jobs by 2026.

Emirati Healthcare Professionals

The Department of Health (DoH) has set an Emiratization target of employing 5,000 UAE nationals in the healthcare sector by the end of 2025. This effort has led to an increasing number of Emirati students choosing healthcare-related courses.

There will likely be more demand for jobs besides nursing. Radiologists, respiratory therapists, and physical therapists are a few examples of allied healthcare specialists who will be in demand due to their roles in patient care, diagnosis, and rehabilitation. The wide range of healthcare demands will continue to be met by clinicians, including doctors and specialists.

Holistic Care and Mental Health

The importance of holistic care and mental health has also been highlighted in the post-Covid period, increasing demand for jobs in such fields. In the changing healthcare sector, experts in regulatory affairs, finance, and personnel analysis will all be important players.

Furthermore, the trend toward home care and telemedicine is set to continue, with a shift toward delivering healthcare services remotely. This transformative shift aligns with the changing dynamics of patient care and technological advancements in the sector.

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