UAE Government: An important statement to all travelers through air and land ports

The digital government of the United Arab Emirates has warned visitors to the nation about things that are forbidden from entering or exporting and that are subject to limitations.

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Additionally, she stated that restricted goods require prior permission from the competent authorities before being imported, explaining that these are goods whose import and export are restricted under the terms of the unified customs law of the Gulf Cooperation Council states or any other law.

In terms of prohibited commodities, these are those that the state, by its customs laws and competent authorities, forbids either importing or exporting.
According to her, the UAE has compiled a list of items that are forbidden, including but not limited to: drugs, prescriptions containing narcotics, pirated content, fake money, items used in black magic or sorcery, publications and artwork that go against religious teachings and values, tools, and equipment. gambling.

The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment must approve the use of live animals, plants, fertilizer, and pesticides, among other restricted goods. Additionally, you need permission from the Ministry of Defence, the Armed Forces, and the Ministry of the Interior to possess firearms, ammunition, explosives, and fireworks. Additionally, you must obtain approval from the Ministry of Health and Community Protection before using any medications, drugs, equipment, devices, or medical apparatus. publications, media goods, and publications, given that the Ministry of Culture and Youth must authorize them. and nuclear energy-related goods, as they demand approval from the Federal Authority for Nuclear Energy. transmitters and wireless devices because you require authorization from the Digital Government and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority. And alcoholic beverages, since you require approval from the Dubai Police and the Ministry of the Interior. Smoke made from tobacco, as well as cosmetics and personal care items, require authorization from the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology.

Customs smuggling is defined by the digital government as the entry or attempt to enter or remove goods to or from the country without paying customs duties in full or in part, contrary to the provisions of prevention or restriction contained in the unified customs law of the Arab Gulf states. It also includes its forms and punishment. or additional national laws and regulations.
She mentioned various instances of customs smuggling, such as failing to take the goods to the first customs office when entering the nation, the traveler failing to declare the commercial goods with him, the goods avoiding the customs office without being declared, submitting forged documents, or applying false marks to evade customs duties or to bypass prohibition provisions. Keeping track of, moving, or possessing commodities that are illegal, restricted, or both, without legally demonstrating their import, as well as finding hidden, unreported goods.

Regarding the punishment for the smuggling crime, the digital government stated that, by the Unified Customs Law, it varied depending on the type of smuggling crime and the smuggled good between a monetary fine and imprisonment, one of these two penalties, or the confiscation of goods and tools used in smuggling.

She mentioned that the import and export of commercial commodities are subject to customs duties levied by the UAE government.

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