UAE FNC Elections: Preparations Reviewed Ahead of Polls

he National Elections Committee (NEC) has conducted a thorough review of the final list of candidates in anticipation of its official announcement on September 2. This critical step in the electoral process signifies the committee's commitment to transparency and the orderly conduct of the 2023 Federal National Council (FNC) elections.

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NEC Approves Final List of Candidates for 2023 FNC Membership

The National Elections Committee (NEC) convened its fourth meeting at the Presidential Court's headquarters in Abu Dhabi, led by Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Mohammad bin Nasser Al Owais, Minister of State for Federal National Council (FNC) Affairs, and Chairman of the NEC. Several key decisions and preparations for the 2023 FNC elections were discussed.

Approval of Meeting Minutes and Candidate List

During the meeting, the NEC approved the minutes of its third meeting and carefully reviewed the final list of candidates for the 2023 FNC membership. The official announcement of the candidate list is scheduled for September 2, following the electoral timetable.

Campaigning Regulations Set

The committee also deliberated on regulations pertaining to candidates' election campaigns. Campaigning is slated to commence on September 11 and will span 23 days. It was emphasized that candidates must adhere to relevant guidelines and adhere to the provisions outlined in the electoral executive's instructions.

Readiness of Electoral Centers and Digital Infrastructure

The NEC assessed the readiness of electoral centers and the digital infrastructure supporting the voting system. For the fifth cycle of FNC elections, a "Hybrid Voting System" was introduced. This innovative approach combines electronic voting at authorized voting centers with remote online voting through digital applications approved by the NEC, accessible on smart devices. This system will facilitate voters in exercising their electoral rights during both the early voting period from October 4 to 6 and the primary voting day on October 7.

Praise for Responsible Electoral Participation

Dr. Al Owais commended the civic responsibility demonstrated by members of electoral entities who submitted their candidacy applications for the 2023 FNC membership. He noted that this reflects a strong sense of national responsibility among the participants.

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