UAE cyber security calls for updating smartphones due to a serious security vulnerability

Cyber security in the United Arab Emirates has asked the public to quickly inspect Android smartphones due to a serious security vulnerability. and Android

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Cyber security in the UAE recommends that smartphone users update their devices.

Because of a significant security flaw, the UAE's cyber security agency has requested that members of the public verify their Android cellphones as soon as possible.

Cybersecurity calls for updating Apple and Android phones

For reasons of cybersecurity, Apple and Android phones need regular software updates, In order to address a "serious" security vulnerability, the In the United Arab Emirates Cyber Security Council has urged users of mobile devices to install the emergency updates that have been made available by Apple and Android. These vulnerabilities were just recently found, and they are flaws that allow access to correct information as well as control of the phone, which poses a major threat to private and credit information.

Cybersecurity warns of serious security vulnerabilities on smartphones

In the United Arab Emirates, Warnings have been issued by the cybersecurity community regarding major security flaws on cellphones, The Council explained, through its official account on the "X" online platform, that the update addresses serious security vulnerabilities bearing the numbers CVE-2023-41064 and CVE-2023-41061 for Apple devices, and the vulnerability number CVE-2023-35674 for Android devices, which affects a variety of their products. These vulnerabilities are referred to as CVE-2023-41064 and CVE-2023-41061, respectively. Due to these vulnerabilities, it is possible to gain access to private information as well as complete control of the device.

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