UAE banks adopt biometric fingerprint to verify customers

Some UAE banks have announced the adoption of biometric fingerprinting to verify customers, as part of the process of starting a comprehensive update of terms and conditions starting next November 2023.

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UAE banks have begun using biometric fingerprinting as a customer verification method.

As part of the process of commencing a thorough update of terms and conditions beginning in November 2023, a number of UAE banks have declared that they will begin using biometric fingerprinting as a means of verifying their customers.

Approval of biometric identity to verify customers in UAE banks

Acceptance of biometric identification for the purpose of client verification in UAE banks, Within a comprehensive update to the terms and conditions, financial institutions disclosed their intention to verify customers by using the "biometric identity," as one of the sufficient means of identification, like the rest of the methods currently in place. This change will become effective on November 1, 2019, and will be referred to as the "fingerprint identification" system. Biometrics is one of the techniques that are used to preserve security in all of the countries of the globe, where the fingerprint and eye fingerprint system is utilized. This may be accomplished by matching the biometric template of a person and identifying his identification with precision that does not allow for any errors to occur.

Choosing a means of identifying customers in UAE banks

Choosing an identifying method for bank customers in the United Arab Emirates, These banks have indicated that it is permissible for them to determine the identity of the customer, using any means to identify him, and verify his identity, including the use of a "biometric identity." As a result, the customer is required to agree within the terms and conditions to use these means, and acknowledge that any instructions have been verified. By using these methods, it will become legally binding for them, and she added: "The customer must also agree to collect biometric data, including unique physical and non-physical features such as voice, face, eye and hand print, gait movement, signature, and fingerprint that can be used to verify the validity of the customer's identity, and its use by the bank, as permitted by applicable law."

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