UAE announces speed limit on major road effective for Today

The Abu Dhabi Police Department Has Implemented a Speed Limit In Order To Improve Road Safety

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In a significant development, the Abu Dhabi Police have officially declared a reduction in the speed limit on Khalid Bin Sultan Street, effective from November 1, 2023. This strategic decision is part of their ongoing efforts to enhance road safety and traffic management in the emirate.

Reducing Speed for Greater Safety

The Abu Dhabi Police, through their official channel, X (formerly Twitter), have announced a notable modification to the speed limits on Khalid Bin Sultan Street in the Al Ain region. Commencing from November 1, 2023, the speed limit on this major road will be decreased to 80km/h.

Implementing the Change

This alteration will be applicable within the stretch between Al Ghail Roundabout and Al Sarooj Roundabout, in both travel directions. By applying this reduction in speed, the authorities aim to achieve two essential objectives:

1. Enhancing Traffic Safety

Reducing the speed limit is a strategic step towards enhancing traffic safety on Khalid Bin Sultan Street. Lowering the speed will allow motorists to react more effectively to unexpected situations, thereby reducing the likelihood of accidents and collisions.

2. Ensuring Smooth Traffic Flow

A reduced speed limit is expected to promote a smoother flow of traffic on this major road. This will help minimize congestion, ease traffic bottlenecks, and make the daily commute more efficient for all road users.

Your Responsibility as a Motorist

In light of these changes, all motorists are strongly urged to comply with the revised speed limit and diligently follow road safety guidelines. This not only ensures your own safety but also contributes to a safer and more efficient road network for everyone.


The Abu Dhabi Police's decision to reduce the speed limit on Khalid Bin Sultan Street is a proactive measure aimed at improving road safety and traffic flow. By adhering to the new speed limit and practicing responsible driving, we can collectively make our roads safer and more enjoyable for all. So, let's drive responsibly, and together, we can make our roads a better place for everyone.

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