UAE announces new rules for visa-free travel 2023

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has stated that beginning in 2023, new regulations will govern who is eligible to travel without a visa

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The United Arab Emirates and Armenia have reached an agreement on the rules that would allow citizens of both nations to travel visa-free inside each other's borders.

UAE announces new rules for visa-free travel

"FM @AraratMirzoyan's official visit to #UAE was marked with signing ceremony to lift the visa regime for the citizens of #Armenia and #UAE," Vahan Kostanyan, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia tweeted through X, which was formerly known as Twitter. "The visa regime will be lifted for the citizens of #Armenia and #UAE," Kostanyan said.

The following is a tweet sent by Vahan Kostanyan on September 7, 2023:

According to the visa-free arrival list that was published by the government, citizens of more than 40 different countries, including those from the UAE, are permitted to enter Armenia without first obtaining a travel visa.

The new and improved policy enables nationals of the UAE to remain in Armenia for a total of 180 days throughout the course of a single calendar year.

In the past, the visa-free regime for entering Armenia was exclusively available to United Arab Emirates nationals who held diplomatic passports. This was due to bilateral and multilateral agreements between the two countries.

However, according to the website for Visit Dubai, inhabitants of Armenia are still need to get a visa in order to visit the UAE.

During his official visit to the United Arab Emirates on September 7, Mirzoyan also met with Saqr Ghobash, the President of the Federal National Council.

The focus of the discussions was on further enhancing the diplomatic ties that have existed between Armenia and the UAE for the past 25 years by fostering stronger bilateral contacts amongst diverse sectors in both countries.

Both sides demonstrated their dedication to enhancing connections between their respective populations by, among other things, making it easier for high-level officials to travel to each other's countries and taking an active role in activities held jointly.

It was brought to everyone's attention how important parliamentary diplomacy is, specifically how important it is to make use of the friendship groups that already exist in both nations' legislative bodies in order to advance shared interests.

Ghobash was also told by Mirzoyan of the Armenian vision for achieving security and lasting peace in the South Caucasus, a region beset with obstacles, particularly in the wake of the war that Azerbaijan started in 2020 against Nagorno-Karabakh.

Mirzoyan emphasized the importance of resolving the concerns of the people of Nagorno-Karabakh regarding their rights and security through the use of international forums.

In addition, Mirzoyan brought attention to the worsening humanitarian catastrophe in Nagorno-Karabakh, which is the consequence of Azerbaijan's unlawful blockade of the Lachin corridor since December 2022 and the following siege of 120,000 Nagorno-Karabakh inhabitants since June of the same year. The blockade of the Lachin corridor by Azerbaijan began in December 2022, and the siege began in June of the same year.

He emphasized how important it is for this matter to get continuous attention on a worldwide scale, including action by the United Nations Security Council, which is the key body responsible for maintaining international peace and security.

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