UAE unveils a surge in Umrah demand with Saudi e-visa Trips start at DH600

The number of UAE citizens making the holy pilgrimage of Umrah has increased dramatically with the introduction of e-visas and reasonably priced Umrah packages. This trend has improved travel connections between the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia in addition to making Umrah more accessible.

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E-Visas and Cost-Effective Packages:

Any time of year, people can undertake the spiritual pilgrimage known as Umrah, which entails a number of rituals such as praying in sacred mosques, walking around the Kaaba, and performing the "sai'i" between the hills of Safa and Marwah. Men complete the journey by shaving their heads, a practice known as "taqseer."

Umrah's Year-Round Appeal:

The introduction of e-visas has played a pivotal role in promoting Umrah tourism. This initiative has prompted travel operators to design cost-effective Umrah packages to meet the increasing demand for spiritual journeys.

Diverse Packages for Different Needs

Among these budget-friendly packages are options starting at just Dh600 per person, designed for travel by bus. For example, the DoJoin App offers a 10-day package that caters to residents who already possess the 1-year Umrah e-visa. These packages not only provide an economical solution but also ensure convenience for pilgrims.

For travelers looking for flight-based packages, the cost starts at Dh2,000, depending on various factors such as airfare. In some cases, operators secure discounted air tickets from Abu Dhabi, which can significantly reduce the overall package cost. However, the starting cost for flight-based packages is currently Dh3,000.

Luxury Options:

Luxury packages are also available for those who seek a more lavish experience. These packages often include 4- or 5-star accommodations situated in close proximity to the Kaaba. Prices for luxury packages start at Dh3,900.

To cater to the diverse needs of pilgrims, Umrah operators furnish packages suitable for individuals, families, couples, and colleagues. These packages may either include the Umrah visa or cater to those who already possess one. Bus packages range from Dh600 to Dh1,700, while flight packages have a starting price of Dh2,000.

It's advisable for pilgrims to book flights and accommodations at least 15 days prior to their journey. Many airlines require a 1-year multiple-entry Umrah visa for travel, so it's important to ensure all visa requirements are met. Additionally, reserving accommodation in advance is crucial as room availability can be limited, especially in the holy cities.

The introduction of e-visas and the diverse range of packages available have made Umrah more accessible and appealing to a broader audience of UAE residents, allowing them to undertake the sacred journey with greater ease.

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