Tricks of real estate owners in the Emirates to evict tenants in order to rent it at a higher price

Sometimes landlords want to vacate the property from tenants for several reasons, including that the property owner needs it for personal use, and sometimes the reason is to rent the property at a higher price. In this context, a question was received from one of the tenants revealing the tricks of real estate owners in the Emirates to evict tenants in order to rent it at a higher price.

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Evicting tenants in order to re-rent the property at a greater price is one of the strategies that landlords in the Emirates use.

Sometimes landlords want tenants to leave a rental property for a variety of reasons, including the fact that the owner of the property requires it for personal use, and other times the reason is to rent the property out at a higher price. In this particular setting, a query was posed by one of the occupants detailing the strategies that are utilized by property owners in the Emirates to forcibly evict residents in order to rent their homes for a greater sum of money.

Tenants complain about a warning to vacate the property to rent it at a higher price

Tenants are upset because they were given notice to quit the property in order to rent it out at a higher price, One resident in the United Arab Emirates posed the following question to another tenant: Can my landlord serve me with an eviction notice simply because I rented the house at a greater price? He went on to say that he has been renting the house that he currently resides in for the past year now. The contract was extended for another year, and during that time, we came to an agreement on an increase that was slightly more than the 5% that was originally written into it. An agent in the real estate industry got in touch with me three weeks before the renewal "to coordinate the renewal of the contract." I found out later that this agent had offered the property to another tenant who was willing to pay approximately 20,000 more per year to rent it, but my landlord was unable to evict me because we had already agreed to renew the lease and he was required to give me one year's notice. After we renewed the lease and signed the contract, I received an eviction notice in my email two weeks later. When I questioned the landlord about this, he stated, "I need to vacate the property so I can live in it," and the renter went on to explain that the landlord rents out approximately 12 properties, but all of a sudden he wants to live in this particular house where this "agent" is providing the tenants rent reductions. The tenant wanted to know if it was legal for the landlord to file an eviction notice so that he could charge a higher rent. What options do I have now?

How to deal with an eviction notice for rented property to rent it at a higher price in the Emirates

How to respond to an eviction notice for a rental home in order to increase the asking rent in the Emirates, Some legal professionals in the Emirates responded to him, and one of them stated that even though the eviction notice is valid, you do not have to move out of the property, and that the consequences will be severe if the property is rented again after you are evicted, while one of the legal advisors in the United Arab Emirates explained, Landlords can claim their property for personal use even if it is rented, but they must provide 12 months notice and valid reasons, and advis they must also provide Disputes about the rent.

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