The UAE Ministry of Health begins an important vaccination campaign against some infectious diseases

The UAE Ministry of Health announced the start of an important vaccination campaign against some infectious diseases, and the campaign specialized in vaccinating students in schools.

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An important vaccination effort against a variety of infectious diseases is launched by the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health.

The United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health has announced the beginning of a significant vaccination campaign against a number of infectious diseases. This campaign will focus primarily on the immunization of students while they are present in their respective educational institutions.

UAE schools begin vaccinating students to protect them against infectious diseases

Students in United Arab Emirates schools have begun receiving vaccinations to protect them against contagious illnesses, In accordance with the federal law of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, private schools in the Northern Emirates have begun giving students in the 11th grade two vaccines as part of immunization against infectious diseases. This is being done in accordance with the fact that the Ministry's school health program will give the students a dose of the conjugated meningitis vaccine and a booster dose of the triple acellular vaccine. These vaccines will be given to the students as part of the immunization against infectious diseases. As an essential preventative strategy, immunization against diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus should be administered according to the timetable established by the National Immunization Program. This applies to both male and female pupils.

UAE schools’ messages to parents regarding student vaccination

The messages that schools in the UAE are sending to parents about vaccinations for students, The private schools pointed out that they began giving the students the two vaccines starting yesterday, in accordance with the signed approval they obtained from the students' families, and the private schools sent them to the students' families. The forms were sent with the students via the "WhatsApp" application. The forms requested their families' approval to give the vaccines to the 11th grade male and female school students. In order to ensure that the student is protected from any potential risks associated with receiving the immunization, the pre-vaccination dose questionnaire requires the student's personal information to be written down. The example pointed out that the federal law of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection regarding the fight against communicable diseases stipulates that the child's guardian or his sponsor must submit him to immunization centers to receive the necessary immunization doses in accordance with the "immunization program," and that anyone whose condition does not permit him is excluded from immunization and preventative measures. This was pointed out by the model. health care by administering vaccinations or other particular preventative measures, as decided by the expert doctor, in accordance with the recommendations of the doctor.

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