The UAE issues a warning of a thunderstorm and rain

According to a National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) official, rain is expected to fall in several parts of the country beginning today. Aside from the rain, some people may see hail.

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The Met Department issued a weather notice, warning people of the possibility of thunderstorms till Saturday.

Dubai, Al Ain, Sharjah, and Fujairah are among the places that could see rain in the coming days.

"We have information on the formation of convective clouds in the eastern part of the country, with an extension towards Fujairah and Sharjah, as well as between Al Ain and Dubai, which will receive rain in certain locations," said NCM Dr Ahmed Habib.

"In places like Madinat Zayed (Abu Dhabi), this will be characterised by heavy rain and even hail."

Some UAE residents saw an unexpected change in weather last weekend, going from beautiful summer days to a stretch of heavy rain accompanied by strong winds.

The inclement weather had an influence on Dubai's Emirates Road, Al Marmoom, Deira, Al Qudra, and Al Barari. Rain also fell in Al Ain's Al Hiyar and Al Shiwayb districts.

"We are typically affected by the Indian monsoon during this season." As a result, this effect extends into our surroundings as well. This effect is sometimes powerful and sometimes weak, but it was strong last weekend. "We expect similar waves to arrive in the East over the weekend," Habib added.

Residents advised to avoid valleys.
With inclement weather forecast, the official advised locals to avoid valleys in the next days, particularly today, because a downpour could cause floods.

"Avoid the valleys today, especially." People must exercise caution. We anticipate showers towards the mountains. Flooding is also a possibility, according to Habib.

During rainy weather, valley drives are prohibited.
The Ministry of Interior set strict limits on activities during rain and adverse weather in May. Individuals are not permitted to congregate near or enter flooded valleys or dams during these conditions.

Fines of up to Dh2,000, 23 black points, and car confiscation for two months now apply.

Many people drive into valleys without realising how quickly water levels can rise and their vehicles might become entangled in powerful currents, according to experts.

In a previous interview with Khaleej Times, Ali Al Shammari, founder of the UAE Rescue Group, stated that these restrictions and sanctions addressed reoccurring situations that endanger people's lives.

warning of a thunderstorm and rain in The emirates
Weather in the Emirates

Temperatures to be expected

Summer temperatures in the UAE are forecast to reach 47°C, with Abu Dhabi and Dubai reaching a top of 43°C. The maximum temperature recorded in the country on Tuesday was 48.6°C in Hamim (Al Dhafra Region) around 2.30pm.

Certain western coastal locations may be humid Thursday morning, possibly resulting in mist development.

Winds are expected to be moderate to fresh, reaching strong at times, particularly while convective clouds are present. These clouds may cause dust and sand to blow, reducing horizontal visibility. Furthermore, wave heights in the Arabian Gulf and Oman Sea will be mild to moderate.

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