The UAE Issues a Four-Day Rain Alert, Urge Caution

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is expected to see rain of various intensity from November 15-18, according to a weather notice issued by the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM).

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This statement comes on the heels of an astonishing 28-day spell of rain in the Emirates.

Rainy Outlook

Starting on Wednesday, November 15, the country is expected to be overcast, with rain anticipated in the evening. Over the next two days, Thursday and Friday, the east, north, and coastal areas of the UAE are likely to experience lightning, thunder, and rainfall.

Improving Conditions

The situation is expected to improve on Saturday, with the eastern part of the country experiencing partly cloudy weather and continued chances of rain.

Chilly Temperatures

Despite the pleasant weather the UAE has been enjoying, it recently experienced its lowest temperature of the season. On a recent Monday, the mercury dipped to below 10°C in Rakna, Al Ain. Other areas, such as Al Marmoom and Lahbab in Dubai, recorded temperatures as low as 13°C on the same day.

Further Temperature Drop

According to the NCM's five-day weather forecast, temperatures are expected to decrease even more on Thursday.

Recap of Recent Rainfall

From October 14 to November 10, the UAE witnessed heavy rains, thunderstorms, and even hail. During this period, valleys and streets were flooded, and waterfalls cascaded down mountains, marking almost a month of continuous rain in various parts of the country. Last weekend marked the first dry period in four weeks.

The recent spate of rain has brought respite to the region, but it also posed challenges, including flooding and disruptions to daily life. The forthcoming rains, though forecasted, are expected to provide further relief by replenishing water sources and supporting agriculture in the arid landscape of the UAE. It's essential for residents and authorities to remain vigilant and prepared for potential consequences while welcoming the positive impact these rains can have on the environment and the nation as a whole.

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