The UAE government sets the age for allowing Sons to stay with their parents in the UAE

The UAE Cabinet, headed by Mohammed bin Rashid, had earlier approved a new system for visas, and the system included raising the age of residence for Sons with their families within the country to 25 years and not requiring a specific age for some children.

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The minimum age at which children are permitted to reside in the same household as their parents in the UAE is determined by the UAE government, The UAE Cabinet, which is led by Mohammed bin Rashid, had earlier given its approval to a new system for visas. As part of this new system, the age of residence requirement has been raised to 25 years old for children who are traveling with their families within the country, and a specified age is not required for some youngsters.

Advantages of bringing a foreign expatriate to the UAE for his family

There are several positive aspects to having an expatriate's family join them in the United Arab Emirates, The new system provides a comprehensive set of benefits for family members, and it is much simpler for non-citizens currently living in the country to bring their families to join them.

The age to allow sons of foreign residents to reside in the UAE

The minimum age for children born outside of the UAE to be eligible for residency there, This includes the husband and any children they may have, and the age limit for sons has been increased to 25 years, up from the previous limit of 18 years. Additionally, the age limit for unmarried girls has been removed entirely. No matter how old they are, children of people of determination are eligible to receive a residence permit along with their parents.

How to bring a foreign resident to the UAE for his first-degree relatives

How to sponsor a foreign national to visit his first-degree relatives in the United Arab Emirates, In addition, additional advantages have been made available to non-citizens who have successfully earned a green residency card, such as the opportunity to sponsor their immediate family members for immigration.

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