The UAE Foreign Ministry announces the provision of various consular services without human intervention

The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the provision of various consular services without human intervention through 3D and hologram technologies, as well as the virtual employee feature.

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The United Arab Emirates Ministry of Foreign Affairs has declared that certain consular services will be provided without the involvement of human agents by utilizing 3D and hologram technology, in addition to the virtual employee function.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides proactive consular services without human intervention

Services that are proactive in nature and do not require human interaction are provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, According to the UAE Digital Government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is able to provide a variety of proactive consular services to the customer without the need for human participation by utilizing facial recognition, 3D technology, "holograms," and a virtual employee. This is accomplished by using a combination of these technologies.

Benefit from the services of the Smart Mission project to benefit from consular services

Take advantage of the Smart Mission project's offerings so that you can get better access to consular services, The digital government mentioned in its report that the "Smart Mission" project launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs contributes to enabling consumers to benefit from proactive and diverse consular services through the use of the facial recognition feature. This was expressed in reference to the fact that the "Smart Mission" project was launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In addition to this, it makes it possible to have direct touch with consumers and to provide the required services without the involvement of any humans. Relying on 3D and hologram technologies, with the possibility of giving a virtual employee and dealing with him directly if that should become essential.

Smart Consular Mission Project Services

Services for the Construction of Intelligent Consular Mission Projects, She pointed out that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs aims, through the Smart Mission Project, to provide an integrated and simplified journey for those dealing with the state's missions abroad, in line with the vision of "We are the Emirates 2031", where artificial intelligence is us. She went on to explain that the project includes many services, including the issuance of return documents, the authentication of individual and commercial documents, and the issuance of certificates to whom it may concern. She also mentioned that the Smart Mission Project aims to provide an integrated and simplified journey And trends in consular operations, which enables enhanced decision-making and resource allocation and enables the Ministry to anticipate and respond to potential problems and challenges, as well as developing sustainable infrastructure, which contributes to overall sustainability, through elements that are 3D printed, energy-efficient systems, and devices that support the Internet of Things.

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