The UAE issues 5 categories for visa holders allowed to stay and work after their expiration

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The UAE government announced new decisions that were issued recently allowing specific categories of visa holders to remain on UAE territory after their visa expires.

According to the updated visa system (ICP), which was revealed by the Federal Authority for Identity, Naturalization, Customs and Port Security in the United Arab Emirates, 5 categories of visa holders are allowed to remain in the UAE for a period of 6 months after the expiration of their visa.

The categories revealed by the Federal Authority for Identity, Naturalization, Customs and Port Security in the UAE include golden visa holders and their family members, in addition to green visa holders and their family members, in addition to the widow or divorced woman of a foreigner residing in the UAE.

In addition to foreign students in the UAE who have completed their studies, as well as those sponsored by one of the universities or colleges in the UAE, it also includes residents of the UAE with skilled professions of the first and second levels, based on the classification of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation in the United Arab Emirates.

The comparison program presented by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship and Port Security in the UAE also allows two categories to remain in the UAE for a period of 3 months, namely residents who have skilled professions at the third level, and property owners who have a guarantee on one of the properties.

The UAE's Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, and Port Security has increased the period of stay in the UAE for visa holders with a sponsor or host to 60 days from 30.

Residents, domestic workers, family members, and other visa holders who are sponsored or hosted fall under this group.

Holders of visas for nations affected by catastrophes and conflicts, foreign retirees, virtual employers, and investors or partners are permitted to remain in the country for 30 days following the expiration or revocation of their visa.

The International Comparison Program encouraged everyone to take advantage of the new perks by visiting its website and smart application to learn about and apply for them, or by visiting one of the UAE's customer pleasure centres.

Job Exploration Visa

It is worth noting that the government of the United Arab Emirates recently announced the introduction of a job exploration visa with the aim of facilitating the entry of skills and competencies to explore job opportunities available in the Emirates and without a guarantor or host within the country. It is granted to the category of skilled workers at the first, second, or third professional level, according to The classification of professions approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, and is also granted to graduates of the best 500 universities in the world, according to approved international classifications, provided that no more than two years have passed since the person’s graduation and the minimum educational level is a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.

Types of work visas in the UAE

The UAE government offers a variety of residency and work visas in the country for those wishing to move and work in the Emirates. There are two main types of visas issued by the Dubai government: visitor visas and resident visas. It also offers other sub-types of visas.

  1. Golden residency.
  2. Green residence.
  3. Traditional work visa in the UAE.
  4. Student visa in the UAE.
  5. Residence visa for family members in the UAE.
  6. Entry visa to the UAE for residents of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.
  7. Transit visa in the UAE.
  8. Entrepreneur visa in the UAE.
  9. Entry permit for the patient and the patient’s companion in the Emirates.
  10. Spouse work visa in the UAE.
  11. Tourist visa in the UAE.
  12. Long-term residence visa in the UAE for foreign retirees.
  13. A visa to visit a relative or friend in the UAE.
  14. A visa to complete a work mission in the UAE.
  15. Study, training or qualification visa in the UAE.
  16. Visa to explore job opportunities in the UAE.
  17. Visa to explore investment and business opportunities in the UAE.
  18. Virtual work residence permit in the UAE.

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