Urgent UAE.. The emirates Foreign Ministry issues a warning to residents and citizens

The emirates Foreign Ministry issues a warning to residents and citizens, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has warned people about fraudulent correspondence aimed at phishing them and stealing their money, advising them not to respond to requests for money transfers made by phone or email on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or its employees, such as requesting access approval with a digital identity account.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed via its official account on the social networking site that all of its services are digital and designed with high security standards to ensure a safe and reliable experience, and warned that if you suspect any fraudulent correspondence or phishing operation, please contact the Ministry.

It is worth noting that one of the sophisticated deceptive methods used by electronic fraudsters to hack customers' bank cards is impersonating government agencies and institutions, as well as creating websites with interfaces almost identical to those of those departments and sending text messages bearing their logos.

Several police officials warned against falling victim to electronic fraudsters, urging caution and attention, as well as ensuring the legitimacy of correspondence received via e-mail and reporting such crimes to authorities.

warning to residents and citizens in uae
The emirates Foreign Ministry

Warning of fraudulent calls

It warned of fraudulent calls purporting to be from government agencies and requesting banking information, as well as links to fraudulent websites containing small text messages impersonating government institutions and phishing the public by offering him fake temptations with features to cooperate with government agencies via their websites.

it warned of scammers' and swindlers' increased methods of defrauding victims by collecting information relating to their bank accounts and recycling such data, allowing withdrawals of financial balances.

it urged the public not to share any confidential information, such as account or bank card information, passwords for internet banking services, personal identification numbers for ATMs, Security number (CCV), or password, with anyone, stating that employees of banks and banks never ask for such information.

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