Urgent.. The emirates decided to ban the movement of some vehicles on the roads

The emirates decided to ban the movement of some vehicles on the roads, It was stated on Monday that it will be illegal for heavy vehicles with a gross weight of more than 65 tonnes to operate on roadways in the UAE.

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It was authorised by the UAE Cabinet as a part of a federal law that would go into effect the following year (2024) and will control the weight of automobiles.

According to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates as well as Ruler of Dubai, the goal is to "preserve our advanced infrastructure" and promote road safety.

A sophisticated electronic gate system is going to be implemented so that the weights and dimensions of big vehicles may be measured and monitored.

Rewards system

Sheikh Mohammed introduced a brand new system of rewards and incentives for workers in the federal government when he made his announcement. The monetary and non-monetary rewards are divided into three categories: exceptional annual performance, remarkable achievements (inside the entity), and state-level achievements.

ban the movement of some vehicles on the roads in UAE
Emirates Roads

Labour grievances administration

According to the law, it shall be the responsibility of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization to provide decisions relating Laboure disputes in which the value of the contested claim does not exceed Dh50,000.

Managing the water supply and the electrical grid

An announcement concerning a federal regulator for water and energy was made during the meeting of the Cabinet. "The bureau's goal is to regulate the trade of power and water in the UAE as well as in other countries... According to Sheikh Mohammed, it will operate under the supervision of the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure.

11 new regulations

The Cabinet of the United Arab Emirates has approved 11 new federal laws, some of which pertain to e-commerce, the media, reproductive health, the space sector, and the use of human genomes, amongst other topics.

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