Urgent.. The date of the beginning of winter in the UAE

The date of the beginning of winter in the UAE, The meteorological landscape of the UAE is undergoing a series of discernible shifts at the same time as the emergence of the renowned Suhail star. In the early morning hours of this week, the celebrity was seen.

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The fact that the nation recorded its warmest day of the year on August 26 — days after Suhail was discovered — demonstrates that the arrival of the star does not in any way have a mystical effect on the temperature. This indicates that the high temperatures of summer will begin to drop gradually.

A member of the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences named Ibrahim Al Jarwan has provided a rundown of what will take place following the ascension of the star and when inhabitants can anticipate experiencing cooler temperatures. At this point, we are at least one hundred days away from winter.

According to Al Jarwan, the oppressive heat will soon begin to dissipate, bringing with it the desperately sought-after reprieve from the sweltering conditions. The levels of humidity in the air will begin to rise, which will cause a change in the weather pattern as a whole and produce an environment that is less stuffy.

The surface of the Earth and the soil that is beneath it will begin to cool off as the early morning hours pass. The fog that has been enveloping the nation over the past few days is being caused by a confluence of factors, including high humidity and the process of temperature reduction.

The soft and pleasant breezes, also referred to as "Habayib Suhail," start to blow. These winds, which are loaded with moisture, will further alter the current meteorological conditions.

when the winter season will start this year in UAE
winter season

when the winter season will start this year in UAE

Approximately sixty days after the Suhail star rose into the sky, in the middle of October, a new phase that is known as the 'Al Wasim' or 'Al Wasmi' season began. The climate gradually becomes more stable over this time, which ultimately results in temperatures that are more agreeable.

It heralds the beginning of mornings that are chillier and paves the way for more shifts and transformations.

The beginning of December marks the beginning of the official winter season, which begins approximately 100 days following the arrival of the Suhail star.

This heralds the beginning of the coldest time, with temperatures dropping noticeably and winter's grasp tightening its hold on the season.

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