The Emirates announces vacant civilian jobs in the Ministry of Defense

Today, the UAE Ministry of Defense announced on its page about vacancies in the military corps for those who wish to join the Ministry of Defense due to its desire to employ a group of people who meet the conditions.

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The Ministry of Defense indicated the conditions for joining the armed forces, sending applications through the official website of the Ministry of Defense, the target groups, and how to communicate with those who meet the initial conditions.

Conditions for joining the armed forces:

1-The age must not be less than 18 years and not more than 28 years
2-He must be one of the children of female citizens or those born in the state
3- Have a qualification of no less than the twelfth grade
4- He must be of good conduct and conduct
5-He must reside in one of the emirates of the country
The Ministry invited those who wish to join to register on the Ministry of Defense website.

The Ministry of Defense had previously called for jobs for the UAE Army, represented by the Chemical Defense Command in the UAE Armed Forces, which has a huge shortage. These jobs include: “laboratory technician,” “general equipment technician,” “chemical technician,” and “General Technical Storage”, and “Chemical Materials”.

How to apply for jobs on the website:

Go to the UAE Ministry of Defense website
1-Choose the available jobs.
2-Choose the job advertisement for recruitment.
3- Agreeing to the terms and conditions.
4-Choose the job link.
5- Determine the job you want to apply for.
6-Click on Select OK.
7-Write personal data.
8- Fill out the application form.
9- Fill out the educational qualification data.
10-Verify the data entered.
The applicant will be notified of the result via a text message on the phone including the “application number.”

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