The emirates announces the seizure of 43 violating cosmetics

Since the beginning of the year, Dubai Municipality has conducted 3,132 inspection visits to beauty salons in the emirate, seizing 43 cosmetics and personal care goods that breached specifications and prohibiting their circulation in the emirate's markets.

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Dr. Naseem Muhammad Rafii, Director of the Municipality's Health and Safety Department, told Emirates Al-Youm that municipal inspectors have conducted 3,132 inspection visits to beauty salons in the emirate since the beginning of this year to ensure their compliance with all controls and requirements imposed by the municipality.

She stated that the most important points that are focused on during the salon inspection process are ensuring the occupational health certificates of service providers, the cleanliness and sterilisation of the tools used in dealing with customers, as well as ensuring the safety of the products used inside the salon, as well as checking the water quality. Commitment to cleaning and disinfecting water tanks, as well as guaranteeing interior air quality, and to the safety and cleanliness of indoor air systems. Since the beginning of the year, 43 infringing cosmetics and personal care products have been seized in 105 establishments out of 9,205. These establishments were in violation of regulations and laws, and the sale of violating products in marketplaces was prohibited.

seizure of 43 violating cosmetics in UAE

seizure of 43 violating cosmetics in UAE

"There are many reasons for banning products," she said, "such as if they contain prohibited or impermissible substances, or if the product does not comply with the safety controls and requirements of approved products."

To ensure compliance with the approved controls and requirements, all institutions related to health and safety that are subject to the municipality's oversight were covered within the specific regulatory programmes during 2023, and according to the action plans drawn up in the smart inspection system.

The municipality confirmed that it routinely and randomly inspects all cosmetic products, whether at border crossings or in markets, to ensure consumer protection and safety and to protect markets from commercial fraud, while counterfeit goods are destroyed and the entity that trades them is breaking the law.

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