uae officially announces the final end of the 10-day grace period for residents

The UAE's General Administration of Residency and Foreigners Affairs decided to permanently stop the permit period for visitors and residents and urge them to depart immediately, leaving many UAE residents wondering why this shift occurred. Some may believe that the UAE has become less inviting to foreigners, although this may not be the case. It is probable that the government made this decision in order to organize and create a more effective system for managing the flow of visitors.

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Advantages of the prior grace period

The previous grace period provided various advantages to UAE residents, including the ability to change plans and stay for a longer period in the event of an emergency or flight modifications. It also strengthens the relationship between the government and visitors. Tourists must be more cautious about their visa dates as this tactic evolves.

They must ensure that their plans fit inside the time range specified for their visit. In the event of any changes, it is best to contact the appropriate travel agents for advice and support.

While some may be displeased with the changes, understanding the context allows one to appreciate the administration's actions. The UAE may be seeking to put in place a more efficient and well-organized structure. Finally, the UAE remains one of the world's most enticing destinations, and it will continue to welcome visitors from all over the world.

Residents of the Emirates

Penalty for losing residency in the UAE

When your resident visa in the UAE expires, the sponsor must renew it for his sponsors within the time limit for renewing visas.

Otherwise, he will face a fine and other legal repercussions for his residency in the UAE expiring.

According to the law, the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) would offer a 30-day grace period in order to legally remain in the UAE after the residency visa expires.

The fine for remaining in the nation after the grace period has expired, according to the Emirates' fine system, is:

  • /25/ UAE dirhams per day (180 per day) for the first six months.
  • Every day for the next six months, you will pay /50/ UAE dirhams.
  • After a year or more, /100/ UAE dirhams every day.

It should be noted that the visa expires at the same time as the ID card, thus it must be renewed before applying for residency renewal.

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