Urgent.. The emirates announces the date of implementing the new working hours

The emirates announces the date of implementing the new working hours, The forthcoming termination of the ban on noon work, which prohibits workers from engaging in job activities between 12:30 and 3 p.m., is scheduled for the afternoon of the upcoming Friday. The implementation commenced on June 15th and is scheduled to persist through September 15th.

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The decision was made by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation with the aim of guaranteeing suitable working conditions for personnel Under high temperatures.

The Ministry applauded private sector institutions' adherence to working hours and processes, emphasising the remarkable cooperation of all essential partners at the federal and municipal levels in the successful implementation of this decision.
According to the Ministry, "the noon work ban falls within a series of specific measures taken by the Ministry to protect workers' rights and provide all conditions and requirements for occupational safety and health."

it went on to say, "The Ministry organised inspection and awareness visits as part of its keenness to ensure that establishments adhere to implementing decisions and regulations aimed at providing the best humanitarian and social standards that support the UAE labour market's leadership and enhance its competitiveness and flexibility."

it stated that the high rates of compliance with the decision to ban noon work reflect a well-established culture in the UAE labour market based on protecting workers' rights, and confirms the eagerness of these establishments to protect their human resources by providing safe and secure working conditions, in order to achieve the common goals of increasing labour market competitiveness and ensuring continuity. These establishments conduct business while retaining their human resources, which are regarded as their most significant resources.

"We documented the establishments' commitment to implementing the ban, as well as their eagerness to protect their workers and employ them in a safe work environment, due to their awareness of the importance of the ban and its positive repercussions on the work environment and achievement, especially since it has been implemented for the nineteenth year in a row, as it is one of the most important workers' gains that enhance leadership and competitiveness," the Ministry said.

From June 15 to August 17, the Ministry announced that it had organised more than 67,000 inspection visits, as well as more than 28,000 orientation visits to establishments, and that only 59 establishments were in violation of the decision, employing a total of 130 workers during the ban period. Legal action has been taken against her.

After coordination between the Ministry and the companies responsible for delivery workers, and with the support and participation of the relevant government agencies, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation indicated the provision of 356 rest stations secured with basic services for use by bicycle drivers delivering orders in all regions of the country.

the date of implementing the new working hours in UAE
The emirates

Worker safety

The Ministry stated that this step embodied the Ministry's joint concern for the safety of delivery workers and avoiding sunstroke and heat exhaustion while performing their work during the summer months, in light of the high temperatures, particularly in the afternoon hours, when work under the sun and in open spaces is prohibited.

The order delivery sector is regarded as one of the most important logistical sectors, with a unique nature of work that necessitates availability and availability around the clock to meet the needs of the country's various segments of customers, as a result of which communication and coordination were made with delivery companies to ensure the best standards of comfort and safety for drivers.

The Ministry emphasised that offering these rest rooms has improved the sector's viability and leadership, allowing it to provide its essential services adequately while protecting the rights and safety of people employed by these enterprises.

The decision to ban noon work is part of the UAE's humanitarian policy, and it includes a wide range of obligations and standards that the employer must follow during the ban period, the most important of which is providing workers with protective umbrellas from the sun's rays during the noon work stoppage, as well as appropriate cooling equipment in the workplace. Rest stops, in addition to providing the appropriate amounts of water and other irrigation supplies and salts authorised for use in the country, as well as possible tools and amenities.

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