Urgent UAE.. The emirates announces a range of visas to boost residency and tourism

Urgent UAE.. The emirates announces a range of visas to boost residency and tourism, The UAE is an appealing destination for many people from all over the world, and in order to facilitate their stay and provide a comfortable and encouraging environment, the UAE offers a variety of visas and residencies, with the goal of achieving sustainable development and providing an ideal living environment.

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The UAE government continues to expand and improve the residence visa system as part of its drive to promote holistic development and the development of many sectors, ensuring the simplicity of operations and fulfilling the wishes of residents and visitors alike.The report that follows summarises the most major forms of work visas available in the UAE.

range of visas to boost tourism and residency in uae
Emirates Visa

List of visas

The UAE grants the Golden residence visa for a period of ten years, the Green residence visa for a period of five years, the residence of retired expatriates, as well as the residence visa for family members and the residence visa for auxiliary service.

The list also includes specialised residence visas, as well as a residence visa to study in the UAE, and the UAE has supplied inhabitants of the GCC with a special visa, which allows foreigners residing in any of the other GCC nations to stay in the country for a set period of time.

This is in addition to the transit visa "Transit," which is separated into two categories, a transit visa for 48 hours free of charge and another for 96 hours for AED 50, and is only obtained by the UAE's national airlines.

Patient access authorization

The list includes the patient's entry permit as well as the patient's facilities, so that the UAE can issue a treatment visa within the UAE for foreign patients seeking treatment in its government and private hospitals, in addition to a tourist visa and a visit visa for a relative or friend.

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