Urgent.. The emirates announces a 35% discount on traffic fines and a reduction in black points... Here's how

The emirates announces a 35% discount on traffic fines and a reduction in black points, Many UAE drivers are likely to have traffic penalties, black points, or both. However, there are ways to pay less and have your black points decreased.

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The UAE's Ministry of Interior (MoI), including the Abu Dhabi Police, has introduced programmes in which motorists who have committed traffic violations can receive discounts on their fines and have black points removed from their records.

Here's how

The Abu Dhabi Police Department reminded motorists on Saturday that a traffic fee payment plan offers a 35% discount. Last year, the awareness campaign was launched. Sharjah has a similar plan in place that offers reductions for early payment of fees.

Motorists receive a 35% discount if they pay their traffic fines within two months (60 days) of committing the infraction, and a 25% discount if they pay within a year. This reduction, however, does not apply to significant infractions.

The fines can be paid in 12 monthly installments through banks at a zero-interest rate, according to the regulator.

35% discount on traffic fines and a reduction in black points... Here's how
Driving licenses in the Emirates

Payment channels

The authority has established several payment channels for traffic violations, including the Abu Dhabi government's "Tamm" digital channels, direct payment through the police's customer service and happiness platforms, and mobile banking applications in collaboration with five UAE banks. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB), Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB), First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB), Mashreq Al Islami, and Emirates Islamic Bank are among these.

Drivers must have credit cards issued by one of these banks in order to use the bank service. Motorists must contact the bank immediately within two weeks of being booked in order to request payment of traffic fines in installments.

According to authorities, the service intends to make life easier for drivers and car owners by paying traffic infringement fines in instalments throughout the year.

Black points reduction

If you have any bad traffic points on your licence, this is your chance to get them removed. According to the UAE's Ministry of Interior (MoI), people who drive safely on the first day of the new academic year will receive four traffic points deducted from their record.

According to the Federal Traffic Council, the action is part of the Ministry of Infrastructure's accident-free day campaign, which will be observed on August 28, when thousands of kids return to school after a two-month summer break.

Negative points are a penalty imposed on drivers who commit major traffic infractions. Drivers' licences are suspended if they earn 24 bad points.

How to avail

To drive safely on the first day of school, motorists must first sign a pledge on the MoI's website. They must not thereafter conduct any driving offences or cause any accidents on August 27.

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