The UAE announces the date and number of days of the UAE National Day holiday

The United Arab Emirates has announced the date and duration of the UAE National Day holiday, In preparation for the state's celebrations of the 52nd Federation day and to spread the manifestations of joy and rejoicing on this precious day and dear to the hearts of the people of the Emirates and residents on its land, thousands of flags and geometric formations have been placed in the streets of Abu Dhabi and its suburbs.

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The Abu Dhabi City Municipality has begun installing light installations that feature lights and phrases that reinforce the values of patriotism, belonging, and loyalty to the wise leadership. These light installations also comment on the meaning of the glorious day that brought the people of the United Arab Emirates together and established the greatest and most successful unitary experience in the Arab world.

The municipality ensures that the photomontages that are installed as part of the Union Day decorations are consistent with one another and of sizes appropriate to the dimensions and spaces of the streets. This ensures that the photomontages are safe for road users such as cars and pedestrians, in addition to being made of materials that are friendly to the environment and of high quality in terms of insulation and resistance to factors and weather changes.

The light decoration works include the installation of geometric shapes inspired by the national occasion and expressing the joy of citizens and residents on this precious occasion, and at the same time to give an aesthetic view that reflects the brilliance and beauty of the city and its suburbs on this precious occasion, the light decoration works include the installation of geometric shapes.

The designs took into consideration that the verses of the national anthem were mixed with Islamic and modern geometric designs inspired by nature, and the colors of the state flag were used a lot with geometric formations. Phrases expressing the strength and interdependence of the Union of the seven emirates were also used.

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality was interested in making the Union Day decorations stand out in terms of quantity and quality, so it worked on installing flashing lighting units (FLASHERS) on illuminated geometric figures and formations. The number 52 was used to decorate the illuminated paintings, and the municipality also used the Falcon design in decoration because it represents bravery, strength, accuracy, determination, and determination.

Decorative Items

In terms of the distribution map of the Union Day decorations, the municipality confirmed that it includes Abu Dhabi City and its suburbs, represented by the Abu Dhabi Corniche, King Abdullah street, traffic street, roundabouts, bridges, Sheikh Rashid Street with the extension of Airport Street, Arabian Gulf Street, Khalidiya, Sheikh Zayed Road, in addition to new cities such as Mohammed bin Zayed City, Khalifa City, Shakhbout City, Baniyas city, Mafraq, chehama city, Samha city.

Long-term viability

The municipality noted that it takes into account sustainability and reuse of decorative lights again, and that following the completion of the predetermined period of decorating, the decorations are disassembled and re-stored in stores that are dedicated to formations so that they can be reused for subsequent national events.

National Day holiday date in the UAE

The authorities in the United Arab Emirates announced that the National Day holiday will be two days, starting on December 2 and ending on 3 December.

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