The court in Abu Dhabi obligates a man to pay 225 thousand dirhams to another after buying a car

The court in Abu Dhabi issued a ruling requiring a man to pay 225,000 dirhams to another man after he bought a car from him and then discovered that he had been cheated and that the seller had tampered with the car’s odometer.

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a guy is ordered by the court in Abu Dhabi to make a payment of 225 thousand dirhams to another individual.

A man acquired a car from another man in Abu Dhabi but later found out that he had been tricked and that the seller had tampered with the odometer on the car. As a result, the court in Abu Dhabi made a verdict that required the first man to pay the second man a sum of money equal to 225,000 dirhams.

Abu Dhabi Court obligates a car seller to pay 225 thousand dirhams to the buyer

The Abu Dhabi Court has ordered the car vendor to pay the buyer 225 thousand dirhams in compensation, After it was established that the defendant tampered with the vehicle's odometer and lowered the odometer by approximately 312,000 kilometers, the Abu Dhabi Family, Civil and Administrative Claims Court made the decision to nullify the vehicle sales contract and order the seller to return 215,000 dirhams, in addition to an amount of 10,000 dirhams as compensation to the buyer. The court also ordered the seller to pay the buyer an additional amount of 10,000 dirhams.

A young man resorts to the Emirati judiciary after being exposed to commercial fraud while buying a car

After becoming the victim of commercial fraud while purchasing a car, a young guy seeks redress from the Emirati judicial system, A young man filed a lawsuit against an adult male, demanding that the adult male cancel the sale of a vehicle, and obligating the adult male to return the amount of 215 thousand dirhams along with interest at a rate of 5% from the date of the claim until full payment, while also obligating the adult male to pay an amount equal to the value of the vehicle repair bills in the amount of 10 thousand and 600 dirhams, as well as compensation in the amount of 50. It was noted that the plaintiff bought a vehicle from the defendant, and after transferring ownership, the plaintiff was surprised to find that the odometer had been tampered with, in addition to the presence of malfunctions and hidden defects, and that the plaintiff suffered material and moral damages as a result of this. The plaintiff was ordered to pay a fine of one thousand dirhams for material and moral damages, and he was also required to pay fees and expenses.

A car seller is tried in the UAE for defrauding the buyer

In the United Arab Emirates, a seller of automobiles is put on trial for allegedly cheating the buyer, The court indicated that the appointed expert concluded in his report that after connecting the vehicle to the computer, it was found that the odometer had been tampered with, as it was reduced from 437,760 kilometers to 125,993 kilometers, and that the plaintiff repaired that vehicle at a cost of 10,600 dirhams, pointing out that The plaintiff's request is therefore based on a valid basis of fact and law for tampering with the odometer, as mentioned above, which requires Concerning the claim for financial compensation for material damages, the court stated that it has been established that the defendant is accused of tampering with the odometer, which results in a fault that results in liability against him, and that the plaintiff has suffered damage, as a result of his failure to hand over the value of the vehicle, the seizure of his money from the defendant, and his losses in the fees for registering, insuring, and inspecting the vehicle, damage, which is represented in the earnings As a result of him not benefiting from the aforementioned amount, the court ruled to annul the contract for selling the car that is the subject of the lawsuit, and restore the situation to what it was. Additionally, the court ordered that the defendant return to the plaintiff the amount of 215 thousand dirhams that he paid to him for the price of the car, and compensate him in the amount of 10 thousand dirhams for all of the damages that he sustained. The court also ordered that the defendant pay fees and expenses.

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