Abu Dhabi Police is issuing a serious warning to all residents and citizens

Abu Dhabi Police issues an important warning to all citizens and residents regarding traffic violations

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The Abu Dhabi Police Department has issued a warning to drivers about the fines, penalties, and repercussions associated with distracted driving.

Abu Dhabi Police is issuing a serious warning

The police presented footage of three severe incidents that occurred on highways in the emirate as a consequence of drivers being distracted by various things in posts that were shared on social media.

The three different occurrences were captured on CCTV cameras and show massive car damage and explosions along with many vehicle pileups and collisions.

In the social media post that can be found below, the police issued a warning to motorists about the dangers of using their phones while driving, namely to make phone calls, surf social media, or snap photographs.

The Abu Dhabi Police have warned drivers that they might face a fine of AED800 and four traffic penalty points if they are caught driving while distracted.

The Directorate of Traffic and Patrols asked drivers to "commit to traffic safety rules" by avoiding participating in activities while driving to avoid abrupt halting of cars without notice on the roads and during the flow of traffic on internal and external roads and to constantly pay attention to road surprises. This was done in an effort to prevent sudden stopping of vehicles without warning on the roads and during the flow of traffic.

The Police Department of Abu Dhabi has issued an important warning to all residents and citizens of the emirate about traffic offenses.

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