The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department warns of a new fraudulent method to steal men’s money

A few hours ago, the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department published an important warning about a new fraudulent method to steal men’s money in the Emirates.

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The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department has issued a warning about a new scam that is being used to steal money from men.

A new scam that targets men in the Emirates and steals their money has been brought to light by the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, which issued a critical warning about the scheme just a few hours ago.

“Abu Dhabi Judiciary” publishes the story of defrauding a young man using a fake marriage announcement

The "Abu Dhabi Judiciary" newspaper reports that a young guy was conned out of money by using a forged notification of his marriage, The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department published a story titled "Triple Illusion," in which it recounted the electronic fraud method of three people, "a fiancée, a bride, and an authorized person," who set up a net of deception with promotional advertisements on social media pages offering to mediate between those who want to marry, causing the victim to fall into the trap of fraud and seize money. In the story, the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department referred to these three people as "

How to defraud men in the Emirates and steal marriage money

How to con men in the Emirates out of their wedding money and commit fraud, In the awareness circular, the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department stated, "It seems that electronic fraud never stops to innovate its methods to lure its victims." This time, the virtual world is linked to the actual one in the form of an entangled trio who construct a fictional story with all of the professionalism that is required, beginning with public speaking accounts on social networking sites and progressing into a meeting with... Following the presentation of the bride to the bride, the couple negotiates a dowry and each pays a portion of it in order to finalize the marriage ceremony. This is reinforced by an imposter imitating an official in order to ensure that the false story is completed and that the victim falls into the trap set by the fraudster. With promotional advertisements on social media pages offering to mediate between those who want to marry, the victim contacts the matchmaker, who sends the specifications of the girl he wants to be engaged to, and after approval, requests her commission to organize the meeting between the young man and the girl, but this time it does not disappear after receiving the money, as is typical in many instances of fraudulent activity. But she continues her process by arranging the interview to raise the outcome of this criminal scheme, and she continued: "Once the bride arrives in her splendid outfit to dazzle the proposer, he cannot help but agree and talk about the subsequent arrangements. Telling him of the necessity of paying part of the dowry in the first meeting to ensure seriousness, and when he is astonished... Because of this behavior, she immediately suggests seeking the assistance of an authorized person to ask him about the permissibility of this, and as soon as she begins contacting this person according to the prior agreement that they had between them, he quickly supports all of her words, and the young man takes the initiative to give the money to his bride, after which all dreams are dashed, and everyone disappears to share the seized money.

Arresting a gang that fraudulently seizes men's money

bringing to justice a gang that steals men's money through deceptive means, The department made the following statement: "After the victim wakes up from his shock with his repeated attempts to communicate with them and does not find a response because all the phones are switched off, he discovers the moment of truth and that he has been subjected to fraud and deception, so he informs the competent authorities, which began their procedures to search and investigate the fraudsters, and upon arresting them, they confessed to the incident and to their seizure of the fina." The victim had been Permit the judge to find them guilty.

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