Drive Safely, Save Lives campaign released by Tadweer

In collaboration with Abu Dhabi Police, Tadweer, the waste management company for Abu Dhabi, has launched the "Drive Safely, Save Lives" campaign. This initiative is in line with Tadweer's commitment to a secure and healthy workforce, which will subsequently improve social well-being overall.

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Tadweer and Abu Dhabi Police Join Forces for Road Safety Campaign

As Scheduled to span August, the campaign's reach extends across Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Al Dhafra. Aimed at Tadweer's personnel, including employees, drivers, and inspectors, the initiative's primary goal is to cultivate heightened awareness of road and transport safety.

Fostering Responsible Driving Behavior

The campaign's main goal is to instill responsible driving habits in Tadweer staff members, with a focus on following traffic laws and acting appropriately on the road. The program hopes to lower the number of accidents on the road by supporting careful driving habits.

Enriching Awareness and Skills

Representatives from the Abu Dhabi Police are going to give an informative session to the Tadweer personnel as a key part of the campaign. The discussion in this session will focus on safe driving practices and procedures. The police will also organize a variety of training sessions and workshops that will give participants insightful information on sensible road safety procedures.

Empowering through Information Sharing

Tadweer plans to distribute electronic pamphlets, flyers, and daily driving tips in conjunction with these initiatives. These teaching tools will be especially targeted at truck drivers, heavy equipment operators, and drivers of cars navigating residential, industrial, and urban regions.

A Pledge to a Secure Tomorrow

Hussain Al Hammadi, Director of Tadweer's Health, Safety, and Environment Department, emphasized the campaign's role in nurturing a robust culture of safety within the Tadweer community. The collaboration with Abu Dhabi Police stands as a cornerstone in ensuring the campaign's triumph, ultimately propelling the collective aspiration for a safer road landscape.

As Tadweer and Abu Dhabi Police unite their efforts, the "Drive Safely, Save Lives" campaign heralds a journey towards lasting change in road safety awareness, spotlighting responsible driving as a pivotal foundation for a secure future.

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