Surprise.. The Emirates announces fuel prices for September 2023

A price hike of between 28 and 29 fils per liter for gasoline and 45 fils per liter for diesel was approved by the fuel price monitoring committee and will go into effect in September 2023. This price hike is in comparison to the prices that were in effect in August 2023.

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The fuel distribution firms made an announcement regarding the new prices that would become effective beginning on Friday, the first of September 2023. The new pricing will incorporate a VAT rate of 5% into each transaction.

fuel prices for September 2023 in UAE
fuel prices

fuel prices for September 2023 in UAE

The price of a litre of Super gasoline "98" increased by 28 fils, going from 3.14 dirhams in August to 3.42 dirhams in September. The price of a litre of private gasoline "95" grew by 29 fils, going from 3.02 dirhams in August to 3.31 dirhams in September.

A litre of gasoline labelled "E Plus" "91" now costs 3.23 dirhams rather than the 2.95 dirhams it did in August. This is a price increase of 28 fils.

In addition, the cost of a litre of diesel went up by 45 fils a litre, going from AED 2.95 in August to AED 3.40 in September.

When compared to the pricing in May, the committee decided to reduce the price of gasoline by 21 fils per litre during the month of June 2023, and they reduced the price of diesel by 23 fils per litre. In addition, it gave its approval for a price cut of between 7 and 8 cents per gallon for gasoline in the month of April, as well as a price cut of 11 cents per litre for diesel, in comparison to the levels that were in effect in March 2023.

The fuel pricing regulations that have been approved by the Ministry of energy are decided upon on a monthly basis, based on the rise or fall in the average price of oil on a global scale, and then the operating costs of distribution businesses are added in.

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