Stop issuing passports for these nationalities in the Emirates

Suspension of passport issuing in the UAE has been extended until September 15, 2023, according to a recent notice from the Syrian Embassy in Abu Dhabi.

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The announcement was made on the embassy's page on the social networking website Facebook. The statement read as follows: "In implementation of the decision of the Ministry of Interior to launch the e-passport project, starting from 8/20/2023, the Syrian embassy in Abu Dhabi would like to inform fellow citizens that the suspension of receiving passport transactions has been extended from 09/11. / 2023 to 09/15/2023 in order to complete the transition to the new passport system, and you will be notified upon completion.

The following information was provided by the embassy: All applications for passport renewal that were submitted from the beginning of this year until August 31, 2023 are presently being printed, and the embassy will deliver them to the concerned parties upon their arrival.

Stop issuing passports for these nationalities in the UAE
Syrian Embassy

What is the new electronic passport?

It is a standard paper notebook much like its predecessor, but it comes loaded with an electronic chip that stores metadata and information about the person who owns the notebook.

The information that is recorded on the chip includes a fingerprint, an iris print, and a digital face shape. The digital face shape calculates the distances between the various characteristics of a person's face, such as the distance between the eyes, the width of the mouth, and the distance between the nose and the chin.

According to information that has been circulating, the new passport will have a laser-printed image, which will make it possible for airports to download the data of a Syrian citizen within minutes. This will help save time and make the process easier.

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