Statement regarding customs services provided by “Dubai Customs”

Dubai Customs hosted a group from the General Administration of Customs at the Royal Oman Police. The team had a meeting with Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, who serves as the Director General of Dubai Customs and CEO of the Ports, Customs, and Free Zone Corporation.

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The Omani delegation was led by Lieutenant Colonel Khalifa bin Talib Al Maskari, who serves as the Director of Dhofar Customs. Captain Yousef bin Ahmed Al Balushi, the Head of the Regional and International Cooperation Department, also accompanied the delegation, along with other customs officers and inspectors. The visit was also attended by Mark Stanley, a representative from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, and the meeting was attended by the directors—the individuals holding leadership positions, specifically executives and directors, within the organizational structure of Dubai Customs.
Ahmed Mahboob Musabih extended a warm welcome to the visiting delegation and expressed Dubai Customs' commitment to actively engage in the exchange of practical experiences with customs authorities. This exchange aims to disseminate benefits widely, thereby fostering economic development and facilitating the smooth transit of passengers. Musabih emphasized the significance of enhancing cooperation and coordination among customs administrations in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, to fortify regional ties. The fraternal relations between the two entities, namely the Sultanate of Oman and the country in question, are regarded as significant in terms of regional trade partnerships. The Director General of Dubai Customs elucidated that the department is actively engaged in enhancing the customs services rendered at the Hatta border port in collaboration with the Sultanate of Oman. This initiative aims to bolster commercial activities between the two nations, which share a fraternal relationship.
He stated, "We are committed to aligning ourselves with the advancements and rapid expansion witnessed in the foreign trade sector of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The country has accomplished a notable economic feat, characterized by a substantial rise in the value of non-oil foreign trade. In the first half of the current year 2023, the value of non-oil foreign trade reached approximately AED 1.239 trillion, necessitating further progress." In response to the increasing expansion of foreign trade, Dubai has undertaken the development of customs services to effectively cater to this growth. This initiative aligns with the objectives outlined in the Dubai Economic Agenda D33, which aims to double the value of Dubai's foreign trade by 2033. Notably, significant advancements have already been made in enhancing our capacity to swiftly attain these ambitious targets. It is imperative to establish world-leading customs systems to support these endeavors. The department has devised a procedure to successfully carry out approximately 80,000 transactions daily. Moreover, there has been a 10% rise in the customs transactions processed by the department during the first half of this year, resulting in a total of 14 million customs transactions.
Lieutenant Colonel Khalifa bin Talib Al Maskari conveyed the strong interest of the General Administration of Customs in the Sultanate of Oman to enhance collaboration with Dubai Customs, to foster the expansion of trade relations between the United Arab Emirates and Oman. The speaker commended the significant progress made by Dubai Customs in enhancing the quality of customs services, emphasizing the value of knowledge sharing and exchanging experiences within this domain. Customs agencies strive to advance trade facilitation among the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and consistently foster its growth to bolster the economic advancement of these nations.
During the duration of the visit, which spanned multiple days, the group was presented with a comprehensive overview of the progress and advancements in customs operations at Dubai Customs. The presentation encompassed an introductory overview of the smart Mersal 2 system's contribution to the enhancement of customs performance. This technology facilitates the completion of 97% of transactions by the department, without necessitating any human participation. The delegation additionally conducted a site visit at the department's central office, encompassing a tour of the command and control room to gain insight into its crucial function of overseeing and monitoring suspicious shipments. They also visited the customs training center to learn about the department's endeavors in enhancing the skills of its personnel through comprehensive theoretical and practical training programs. Furthermore, the delegation was apprised of the department's utilization of contemporary technologies, including artificial intelligence and virtual reality, in the training processes. These technologies are employed to equip customs inspection staff with the necessary competencies to effectively combat smuggling activities.

The cultural practices and traditions observed in the Sultanate of Oman.

A delegation from the General Administration of Customs of the Sultanate of Oman Police conducted a site inspection of several customs centers within the purview of the Maritime Customs Centres Department. The exploration commenced with a visit to the Deira and Al Khor Port Customs Centres, where an investigation was conducted to gain insights into the pivotal role played by these centers in facilitating trade operations associated with the transportation of goods via traditional wooden vessels. Subsequently, the delegation embarked on a visit to the Jebel Ali Customs Centre and TECOM to observe the operational framework in place. The advanced inspection system, which is the pioneering technology globally for examining and inspecting heavy and light cars, massive equipment, and yachts through the use of X-ray scanning, significantly reduces the inspection duration from around 6 hours conducted manually to a mere 5 minutes. During the delegation's visit to Jebel Ali, they had the opportunity to tour DP World and have field access to the container storage site equipped with the innovative "Box Bay" system.

Efforts in the management of passenger operations.

The delegation additionally toured Dubai International Airport and received a comprehensive overview of the initiatives undertaken by the Passenger Operations Department. Notably, the department has implemented the "iDeclare Smart Early Declaration" program, aimed at streamlining the tourism and travel process. This program allows individuals entering Dubai to proactively disclose their baggage details in advance, resulting in expedited customs procedures and reduced waiting times in the red lane. During the airport tour, participants were allowed to view the control and control room, as well as the Seizures Museum, starting at the 4-minute mark. Subsequently, the team proceeded to the Cargo Village Customs Centre, which is associated with the Air Cargo Centres Department. The purpose of this tour was to observe the shipping operations and customs services offered for airborne trade at both the Customs Inspection Centre and the Customer Service Centre located within the Cargo Village.
The Omani customs delegation conducted visits to various locations, including the newly established headquarters of the Technical Support Department in the Warsan region. During these visits, the delegation received detailed information about the administration's endeavors in enhancing equipment and supplies. Additionally, they were provided with insights into the crucial role played by the customs dogs unit (k9) in facilitating inspection operations. These highly trained canines are instrumental in detecting concealed prohibited materials. In the context of commercial shipments, customs inspectors rely on specific mechanisms to effectively exercise control over these materials and mitigate their entry into the country.

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