Significant increase in the number of Internet victims. Find out the reasons

With "traps" of instant profit, "data traders" ensnare their victims online, requesting personal information in exchange for fictitious funds.

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Advertisements for companies that specialize in conducting "paid" opinion polls are posted on social networking sites, as well as some websites and mobile applications, with titles like "Quick Profit" or "The Easiest Way to Make Profits." These companies try to entice their victims by promising them incentives and tangible prizes in exchange for their participation. In return, these businesses will ask you to register on their websites and provide personal information about you and your family to contact you later and ask you to respond to further questions that are part of surveys with ambiguous goals.
Dealers with these companies acknowledged that they had fallen victim to fraud, pointing out that they had registered their personal and family data as requested but had not received the promised money or in-kind compensation. Other dealers claimed that they had registered their data but had not received questionnaires to complete, raising concerns about corporate identity and the fate of their data.

Use caution when handling informal questionnaires

Information security experts emphasised the need to exercise caution when dealing with informal questionnaires, those that are not approved by the government or locally, because they may have dubious purposes, or have practises that are inconsistent with the concept of information security in the country. Its goal is to use private information and data for commercial gain, ideally without the owner's knowledge.
By registering on one of these websites, attempted to gain a thorough understanding of some electronic public opinion polling companies' operations. They also attempted to contact those in charge of them, but they did not receive any responses, in part because their only method of contact was by mail.

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