Sheikh Khaled Launches Mawaheb Talent Hub to aid Emirati Jobseekers

The Mawaheb Talent Hub, a facility specifically designed to provide Emirati job seekers with training and upskilling, has been officially opened by Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi. To help UAE nationals acquire in-demand skills and work experience, the center will offer courses, workshops, and tools.

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Strategic Investment in Skills

The center was presented in the presence of important authorities by Sheikh Khaled, who is also the Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council. In order to address the needs of both the public and private sectors, he underlined the value of investing in Emiratis' abilities during the launch. The project aims to provide a range of programs that are in line with both the present and the anticipated needs of the labor market in key economic areas.

Range of Services

Employment counseling, skill evaluations, upskilling and reskilling training, and assistance with job matching are all services provided by the Mawaheb Talent Hub. The hub intends to efficiently meet the demands of the Abu Dhabi labor market by offering specialized skills and customized work experience.

Success and Vision

The launch comes after a fruitful pilot program that provided thousands of citizens with upskilling workshops and courses. Sheikh Khaled emphasized how the hub fits within Abu Dhabi's overarching development plan for public services. He emphasized that developing specialized skills among UAE citizens will promote an innovative culture and have a good impact on both the public and private sectors.

Advancing Emiratisation Goals

The Mawaheb Talent Hub's development is a step in advancing the UAE's Emiratization goals. These objectives seek to increase the Emirati workforce in businesses by a specific percentage over a given time frame. This program helps individuals progress their careers while also improving the UAE's workforce and economy as a whole.

The Mawaheb Talent Hub stands as a platform to empower Emirati jobseekers with skills that align with the dynamic needs of the job market, bolstering their employability and enabling them to contribute effectively to the nation's progress.

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