Sharjah Ruler Disapproves of Foreign Words in Arabic Language

His Majesty The Supreme Council member and Ruler of Sharjah, Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, has voiced his concerns over the increasing influx of foreign terminology into the Arabic language.

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Sharjah Ruler Opposes Inclusion of Foreign Words in Arabic Language

In order to solve the issue of foreign words recorded in the previous four years, including the word "trend," he made it clear during his appearance on the Sharjah Broadcasting Authority's "Direct Line" show that he intended to attend a meeting organized by the Arabic Language Academy in Cairo on October 2.

Preserving the Arabic Language

Sheikh Dr. Sultan emphasized his disapproval of incorporating foreign words into the Arabic language, asserting that no one should dare to change the language. He highlighted the excessive use of foreign terms, particularly the word "trend," which has been introduced without standardization, leading to incorrect Arabic terminology.

Advocating for Reconsideration

As a member of the Arabic Language Academy in Cairo, Sheikh Dr. Sultan called for a reconsideration of foreign words that have been registered, with the aim of preserving the integrity of the Arabic language. He expressed his commitment to reversing the inclusion of foreign terms, suggesting alternatives like "mutadawal" or "qimat at-tadawul" instead of "trend."

Sheikh Dr. Sultan mentioned his communication with Dr. Abdulwahab Abdulhafiz, the head of Cairo's Arabic Language Academy, emphasizing that he is an exception as a non-Egyptian national. He assured that the Arabic Language Academy will not allow foreign concepts to infiltrate the Arabic language, emphasizing that changing the language is not an easy task and that the Arabic language must be protected and preserved.

Sheikh Dr. Sultan has long been recognized for his efforts to safeguard and promote the Arabic language. His dedication to preserving the Arabic language's integrity includes initiatives such as launching volumes of the Historical Dictionary of the Arabic Language and advocating for the continued teaching of Arabic in schools.

Urging Language Protection

Last year, he launched 19 new volumes of the Historical Dictionary of the Arabic Language, and he has consistently advocated for the protection of Arabic documents and manuscripts. Additionally, he urged the UAE Ministry of Education to reconsider its decision to merge the Arabic language subject with Islamic and social studies, emphasizing the importance of preserving the Arabic language for future generations.

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