Sharjah: Power Outage Reported in Several Neighborhoods

A significant power outage struck several neighborhoods in Sharjah on Friday afternoon, prompting concerns and inconvenience among residents. The outage impacted areas including Al Majaz, Al Tawun, and Al Nahda, leading to a disruption in daily activities.

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Widespread Power Outage Hits Sharjah Neighborhoods

Residents quickly took to social media platforms to share their experiences of the sudden loss of electricity. Many reported that the outage lasted for about 15 minutes, causing inconvenience and uncertainty.

One resident, N. Malik, residing in Al Majaz, expressed his initial confusion, assuming the problem was specific to his flat. However, after checking with a watchman, it became apparent that the entire area was affected.

Community Reaction

Zameer Awan, a resident of Al Wada Street, discovered the power outage upon returning home from work. He found his building without power and learned from local shopkeepers that the situation was widespread across the area. In response to the outage and the sweltering heat, many residents opted to head to nearby malls for relief.

Impact on Daily Life

The power outage had an impact beyond inconveniencing residents. George, a local resident, shared his experience at Zahia Mall, where he went to pick up food. Unfortunately, the outage had rendered the restaurant's oven inoperable and prevented the cash register from functioning, causing delays and frustration for customers.

The incident highlighted the essential role of a consistent and reliable power supply in maintaining daily routines and business operations. As residents and authorities alike sought more information about the outage's cause, many hoped for swift resolution and the restoration of power to the affected neighborhoods.

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