Setting a 4 day deadline for owners of violating vehicles seized in some areas in the UAE

Sharjah Municipality has set a 4-day deadline for owners of impounded illegal vehicles, as well as owners of impounded motorcycles due to traffic violations.

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A deadline of four days has been set for the owners of vehicles that have been confiscated for breaking the law in some parts of the Emirates.

The Sharjah Municipality has given the owners of seized unlawful automobiles and owners of impounded motorcycles as a result of traffic infractions a deadline of four days to retrieve their vehicles.

4 days grace period from Sharjah Municipality for owners of reserved vehicles and bicycles

Owners of reserved vehicles and bicycles have been given a grace period of four days by the Sharjah Municipality, The Sharjah City Municipality is giving owners of seized vehicles, machinery, motorcycles, and regular bicycles just four days from the date of publishing this announcement to review the Control and Inspection Department in the Fifth Industrial City. This is being done so that the municipality will not be forced to sell these items at public auction after the deadline for doing so has passed on November 2, 2023.

Sharjah Municipality gives owners of seized cars a grace period before selling them at auction

A grace period is given to the owners of seized vehicles by the Sharjah Municipality before the vehicles are put up for auction, The Sharjah Municipality has given the owners of automobiles, motorcycles, and regular bikes that have been impounded in Sharjah for a period of more than six months a grace period of four days during which they can take the appropriate steps to get their vehicles released from impoundment. This is to allow the owners to complete the relevant paperwork. They were also made aware of the need to conduct a review of the Control and Inspection Department located in the Fifth Industrial Estate in order to remove the reasons for the seizure and receive the products that were confiscated. This was done in order to prevent the items from being sold at public auction after the time limit that was set had passed.

Sharjah Municipality instructions for drivers in public parking

Instructions provided by the Sharjah Municipality for motorists using public parking, In addition, the Sharjah Municipality asked motorists to park their vehicles on a consistent basis in public parking lots and to avoid reserving more than one parking spot at a time. This was done so that other users could take advantage of the parking service.

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