Security instructions from Dubai Police for drivers before getting out of the car

Security instructions were recently issued by Dubai Police to drivers before getting out of the car when they park in public places to maintain the safety of their property, cars and children.

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Before exiting their vehicles, drivers in Dubai are instructed by the Dubai Police Department to follow certain security procedures, The Dubai Police Department has only recently distributed safety guidelines to motorists, instructing them to take certain precautions before exiting their vehicles in public parking lots, with the goal of ensuring the protection of their families, belongings, and children.

Dubai Police warn drivers not to leave cars in running condition

The Dubai Police caution motorists not to leave their vehicles running when unattended, Members of the community were cautioned by the Dubai Police against leaving their cars running while they went into public locations, particularly in light of the increasing frequency of the occurrence during the summer. The Dubai Police urged community members to avoid engaging in behavior that might result in the theft of the vehicle or any of the precious items that were kept inside it. While the owner of the property is being investigated for negligent behavior, In a statement to the press, Major General Jamal Al-Jallaf, Director of the General Department of Investigations and Criminal Investigations at the Dubai Police, said that with the arrival of summer, some individuals are resorting to leaving the car in running mode and getting off of it at gas stations, supermarkets, or restaurants. This is done to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the vehicle; nevertheless, this creates a security risk for those with a feeble mind, and it also creates the potential for what are known as "accidental crimes," which are offenses that were not intentionally committed. It is important to note that the situation may be risky for youngsters who are left alone in vehicles.

Dubai Police procedures to prevent crimes

Procedures followed by the Dubai Police Department to reduce crime, Major General Al-Jallaf made the point that, according to the Dubai Police strategy to reduce and prevent crime, the Dubai Police launch awareness campaigns every year. These campaigns have the goal of preventing crime by closing security gaps, adhering to some warning standards, and raising the level of awareness and legal culture among the public. Included in these campaigns are educational messages. Major General Al-Jallaf said that this strategy is based on the Dubai Police strategy to reduce and prevent crime. Which is disseminated to the public, including through the media, in order to avoid some erroneous practices, which some may seem to be simple and result in a crime, and the vehicle owner is charged with negligence, pointing out that this matter can be avoided with a little awareness on the part of the public.

Dubai Police instructions to protect cars from theft

Instructions from the Dubai Police Department to prevent automobile thefts, Major General Al-Jallaf noted that this kind of practice has significantly decreased over the past two years, but it is still possible for it to happen, and this matter requires continuous awareness. He pointed out that weak souls may stealthily open the car and steal what is inside it after simple monitoring of the car's owner that does not take minutes, and it is possible for this to be done. The owner of the car may not detect the theft of expensive items like phones, watches, or glasses until a considerable amount of time has elapsed. Major General Al-Jallaf issued an appeal to members of society, imploring them to be more careful with their property and more conscious of their surroundings. He also urged people not to leave their automobiles on the streets while they are running or to leave expensive personal goods or property behind. When you are within it, make sure to swiftly report any instances of theft or robbery that you notice.

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